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How to Find a Profitable Blog Niche with Low Competition in 2024
Last updated Jan 10, 2024
how to find a profitable blog niche

Many bloggers are missing out, and getting little or no income from blogging, because they failed to learn how to find a profitable blog niche before they commence their blogging career.

Many people rush into blogging, intending to earn cool cash, after some months of blogging. However, things will look quite different and complex contrary to their expectations along the line, you wonder why? It’s a result of not choosing a profitable niche for their blog. One disappointing fact, most bloggers who are blogging on a non-profitable niche face are finding their passion drained within a short time they started blogging.

Have this in mind, the path to successful blogging doesn’t start from choosing the most expensive host, or the most expensive domain. If you venture into blogging without knowing the path to follow, it is just like beating around the bush. If you don’t want to join the league of other bloggers who are dissatisfied along the line as a blogger and abandon the hustle they have for blogging.

Kindly read this awesome article, I made for you, on how to choose the most Profitable niche as a blogger. 

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What Is A Blog Niche

A blog niche can be defined as a mother-topic, which has other subtopics and branches under it. A niche has several subtopics under it, for example, if you study something related to technology in school.

Technology has several related subtopics under it, such as

  • Computer
  • Automobile
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Internet. Etc

You can then choose any of these parts; you know you are competent at.

Also, if you are a health practitioner, you can blog on health (which is the niche) and blog on your specialization in health.

In addition, you can niche down, and decide to blog on some vital organs of the body only, such as.

  • Kidney
  • Liver
  • Heart
  • Brain Etc

Doing this will make your audience see you, as an expert in that part, And will always come back for guidance to your blog, for more educative posts. 

Importance Of Choosing A Blog Niche

Remember the saying, “jack of all trade, master of none”?

You can’t join blogging and want to blog about everything that comes to your mind, or you feel you can do.

Doing this will make you end up making a fruitless effort.

If you want to have a successful impact in blogging, you are to focus on something you know how to do best. Something you are so passionate about!

According to the hosting tribunal, there are over 500 million blogs in the world.

How can you now get recognized, among these million Blogs?

The only thing that can make you stand out among all these blogs is the uniqueness of your blog and the value it adds to your readers’ lives. Choosing a blog niche has a big role to play in the success of your blogging career.

Below are some of the importance of choosing a niche for your blog

  • Increase Relevance

Imagine coming across a blog where you are not sure of the main purpose of the site, the person talks about kidneys today and the next post talks about scholarships. Different posts fly around the pages of the blog. Will you ever return to such a blog?

Of course not! Having a niche for your blog boost your blog relevancy in the blogging world and makes your blog a better place to be on the internet for people searching for content like yours.

  • Recognition

A niche blog gives you recognition; people will know you for a particular thing or subject on the internet, as soon as they come across your blog or content they know what to expect. A niche is like brand identity, it creates a name, term, symbol, design or any other feature that distinguishes your blog from other blogs. Blog niches help to identify a particular blog and distinguish it from other blogs on the internet.

For instance, if you are a health practitioner and your post focus on the kidney. Whenever any of your audience has any issue related to kidneys, they will surely find their way to your blog and know for sure answers to their needs are there waiting for them.

  • Enables Your Blog To Rank

Blogging on a particular niche will make it easier for search engines and people to understand what your blog is all about, which will make it easy for you to rank among other blogs.

However, if you focus on multiple niches it won’t be quite easy for you to rank, especially if you are blogging all alone. An example of bloggers, who have attained success in their blogging career today, as a result of choosing a particular niche, is Neil Patel.

Neil Patel is a digital marketer and an SEO expert with a total Net-worth of 31 million dollars. He co-founded Hello bar and crazy egg, which are digital tools, to help bloggers and all digital marketers get the most out of their online business.

Neil Patel is a successful Entrepreneur today because he focuses on a particular niche, and this has made him internationally recognized. If he had blogged about health today, tomorrow technology, and blogs about Scholarship the following week.

Who would have recognized him?

What To Consider Before Choosing A Blog Niche

Before you decide to choose a blog niche, some things are Paramount for you to consider. I’ve seen many bloggers, who are blogging to a particular niche today because a friend of theirs is blogging on that particular niche. If you don’t consider some necessary things before you start blogging, you may get discouraged along the way.

Below are what you must consider before you choose a blog niche.

  1. Passion

This should be the number one thing that should drive you to choose a blog niche. We all have got that particular thing we are so passionate about. Something we can do with full happiness. If you have a special talent, or you are good at a particular topic, you can turn it into a blog niche, and start blogging about it. If passion drives you to choose a particular niche, you will never stop blogging, even when things are not right yet.

Wanda Sykes said, “If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it”.

  1. What You Know About

Don’t choose a niche, because you see someone blogging about it, only blog about something you know the in and out of it.

The case is just like someone that wasn’t trained as a boxer and was asked to come and fight against Michael Tyson. The probability of such a person leaving the ring, without losing two of his front teeth is zero. So it is with blogging, if you are blogging on what you don’t know about, the probability that you will lose all your money, at the end of it all is 1.

Even if you will have to hire writers to work for you, make sure you know about the niche very well. Do not choose health as your blog niche, niche, whereas your discipline is computer science.

  1. Competition

This is another thing, which is paramount for you to consider before you will choose a blog niche. If that niche is too competitive, you may never rank in that niche. However, if that niche is what you are so passionate about, and you know it, you can niche-down, then you begin to expand gradually, with that you’ve been able to reduce the completion of the niche.

For instance, choosing technology as your blog niche may not be easy to rank whatsoever, because there are a lot of giant companies who have been in this game for a very long time, and are champions in the game. However, you can niche-down, you decide to focus on software alone, and start blogging on low competitive keywords on software, then you begin to expand gradually.

  1. Profitability

While passion is one of the major criteria to consider before choosing a particular niche. The profitability of the niche also has to be highly considered, because if you are not making good money from the niche, you will lose your passion in no time.

Is that niche profitable? Before choosing a particular blog niche, make sure the niche has a good future ahead of it. And you will be able to make a fortune from it at the end of the day.

Here’s a comprehensive article on what to consider just before you pick your blog niche

Why Should You Choose a Profitable Blog Niche?

There are several blog niches, however, not all can generate you high income. Insurance is the highest paying niche by AdSense according to SEMRUSH, in the US, and you can make an average of $17.55 per click.

While Marketing and advertising niches have $6.45 CPC, between these two, which is more Profitable and which would you rather go for? While it may take you just a month, to make thousands of dollars with the Insurance niche, you may spend a couple of months, to make a thousand dollars, with the Marketing and insurance niche.

Choosing a profitable blog niche will give you the following advantages.

  • You get a high income faster

instead of waiting for several months before you can earn sustainable cash from blogging. Choosing a profitable niche will make you earn good cash, within a short time frame. Know that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme but if you do it right and are consistent about it, it won’t be long before you start making money from your blog as there are many opportunities to make legitimate money from blogging.

  • It keeps you from blog frustration

Once many start blogging, and they are unable to make sustainable cash from blogging, they begin to get frustrated and begin to doubt whether blogging can be a path to success for them.

However, choosing a profitable blog niche will keep you away from this frustration. I’ve come across bloggers who are struggling with making $50 in a month from blogging. This is a result of not choosing a profitable blog niche.

  • Puts you ahead of others

Choosing a profitable blog niche will put you ahead of others, who have been in this game for quite some time, in a non-profitable niche because you will have more time and money to spend on your blog.

Why Should You Choose a Niche with Low Competition?

You may wonder why the topic reads profitable blog niche, with low competition. If a blog niche is very profitable but has high competition, then it’s never an idea you should buy, to choose as a blog niche.

Choosing a less competitive blog niche will give you the following advantages.

  • Makes you rank faster

If you choose a less competitive blog niche it will be very easy for you to rank in that niche.

  • Makes you easily noticeable

Blogging on a highly competitive niche, where there are giant media, may take you years before you get recognized. However, if the niche is less competitive, and you always furnish your site with educational content, then you can become easily noticeable.

  • Develop your interest and passion for it

When things are going as you expected, there will surely be an increase in your interest in that particular thing. If you go for a niche that is low competitive, it will develop your interest and passion for blogging.

Do you know why? This is because you will get a notable result, quicker than those who go for a highly competitive niche.

Criteria for Choosing a Blog Niche

Choosing a blog niche is not something you can wake a day, and decide upon. You need to check on the competition and think about whether you can work well in the niche. Perhaps you’ll find yourself stuck, and you are clueless about which niche you should go for.

Relaxing, the below process will help you to determine which niche you should go for. 

  • Find out problems you can solve.
  • Write down your ideas
  • Find out the niche the ideas belong to.
  • Analyze the blogs on this niche
  • List out at least 10 topics.
  • Find out problems that you can solve

No matter how small you are, no matter how little your level of intelligence is. There are certain problems you can solve. Think within the box, and find out those problems you can solve. If you have listed them out, you can then settle down on which of them to blog on. Solving problems for people with your blog will not only earn your blog enough traffic but will put good cash into your pocket.

  • Write down your ideas

Write down those ideas you think you can write on conveniently. The ideas I meant here are topics you can write about without plagiarizing other people’s content. Something you are passionate about and know much about will be easy to put down without any struggle than just any random ideas.  

  • Find out the niche the ideas belong to

Have you written down those ideas? Perhaps, your ideas are about the teaching of the English language, this means your niche is Education. Or if your ideas revolve around organs of the body, then your niche is health.

  • Find out blogs on this niche

Once you have been able to find out the niche your ideas belong to. The next thing for you to do is to check for blogs in this category, and know their strength.

You can simply find blogs in your niche, by searching for topics in your niche on Google. Once you find blogs in your niche, check out the topics they’ve written on, then carve out content that will be more engaging than those they’ve written.

  • List out at least 10 topics

If you have followed the above procedures adequately, you should be able to list out 10 topics in this niche. Write down each one of your topics, it could be on a piece of paper or your writing app. Once you have written down this, check for its competition.

You can check for the competition, of ds of a topic/keyword using digital tools, such as

For a new blog, make sure the keywords you are targeting for each topic do not exceed 10 keyword difficulty, so you can rank for that keyword/topic. Check for the topics/keywords, the blogs on Google have written on, and write on the ones that are related and less competitive.

For instance, if your topic idea is, how to promote gospel music, blogs on Google, are already ranking for this topic. You can write on a similar topic to this such as How to Promote Gospel Music in a given country. Such a topic will have lower competition. Having understood all this, let’s proceed to how to find a profitable niche blog, with low competition.

How to Find a Profitable Blog Niche

Firstly, understand that there is a difference between choosing a blog niche, and choosing a profitable blog niche. If you want to blog on a niche that will enrich you and increase your financial status, then you need to choose a profitable niche.

It’s the belief of some bloggers, that they can just blog anything they have an interest in or anything they are good at. Choosing a profitable blog niche goes beyond that. Write down those niches you are good at. I stated earlier that we all have things we are good at. Write down all these niches, even if it’s one, there are related ones.

As a case study, if you are good in software, you can niche down by covering sub-niches, such as

  • Mobile App
  • Programming languages
  • Design languages
  • Graphical user interface

You can write down up to 10 niches. However, while writing down these niches, have the following at the back of your mind.

  1. Something you enjoy doing conveniently

Don’t choose something you find difficult to do. It’s just like someone that hates biology, rights from middle school, and wants to blog on health.

  1. Profitability

It can include what you do. Perhaps you are a teacher, medical doctor, or computer operator. You can blog on them.

  1. Talent

This is another thing that can be considered. Do you have some special talents? Or a particular talent? Perhaps, you are good at acting, singing or writing. You can decide to monetize any of these talents, by blogging on them.

Check For The Demand Of The Niche

After writing down all these niches, you need to check for the demand of that niche. How much do people need it? You may ask, how can you check for the demand of such a niche? Some tools can help you do this.

You can tool like KWFinder to determine the demand of your niche within a particular geographical area.

KWFinder can greatly assist you to check for the demand of your niche. Just locate the topics under this niche, and check for its search volume. You can check for the demand of your niche right away by typing your niche keyword in the box below and hitting the “Find keywords” button

Write Down The Problem It Can Solve

Your niche must be ready to solve a problem people have. If your niche isn’t going to solve problems, then the chances of it being highly profitable are very few.

For example, health is a very profitable niche, because it’s solving a lot of problems. Health is wealth as people say! The health niche is in high demand, and highly Profitable, because it’s solving a lot of problems.

Check For Who Your Audience Is

The audience for that type of niche matters a lot in determining how profitable your niche is. For example, if you are blogging on a niche that is in high demand in European countries, such a niche is highly profitable, especially if you are monetising your niche with AdSense. You can’t compare the CPC you will get from a US visitor, with the CPC you will get from a visitor from India. Visitors from European countries will make your niche very profitable.

Check Ways of Monetizing the Niche

Knowing fully well, there are different ways to monetize, How can the niche be monetized. Different ways a blog can be monetized includes

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when you partner with websites/online stores to market their goods, and you will get a commission for each good you sell. For example, Amazon is an online store that allows people to earn from their affiliate program.

  • AdSense

AdSense is another way you can use to monetize your blog. AdSense is a way, whereby you allow advertising companies to display their adverts on your blog. With this means of monetisation, you earn per each of the ads displayed on your site.

  • Selling Of Digital Products

You can also make money by selling digital products on your blog, such as eBooks. You can sell e-videos, PDFs, etc on your blog, it could be yours, or for clients.

Some niches will be more Profitable with one means of monetization than the other. For example, if you are into the technology niche, you will earn very high from affiliate marketing. While you will earn high from AdSense on niches such as insurance. Here is an article that shows in-depth knowledge on how to make money from your blog

Final Thoughts on How to Find a Profitable Blog Niche

Many bloggers are stranded, and on the verge of stopping blogging, because the niche they have chosen isn’t profitable as projected.

This is why I put this article in place, to encourage you friends, colleagues, and all co-bloggers out there, on how to choose a profitable blog niche. Is your blog niche profitable enough to care for your needs? Or you are considering taking the bold step of starting a blog? If you are new to blogging and want to create a blog for yourself, we have put together an ultimate guide on how to start your blog step-by-step. The guide is about 17,000 words with tones of videos and life demonstration that you under 30 minutes you will put your own very first blog together online without any help from anyone.

Are there any views, opinions or questions you would like to ask about the blog niche? Kindly let me know in the comment section.

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