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What Scribeage is all about

Are you searching for a place to get tips and strategies to build and grow your blog?

Scribeage is a perfect place for bloggers and marketing experts to get SEO and blogging advice that drives traffic and generates results. Scribeage is a website that entrepreneurs, bloggers, and online business owners turn to for blogging strategies, tutorials, and tactics to grow blogs, sell online, and automate their businesses.

Getting tips and techniques to build, grow, and profit from your blog has never been easy, but with this blog, other specialists in the field and I will show you the exact tips, strategies, and techniques needed to rank higher online and generate revenue. 

You’ll find nothing but insanely practical guides to help simplify and accelerate your blogs and email list—strategies to help you sell courses and automate your businesses online like a pro. Scribeage is now one of the most popular SEO and marketing blogs that provides free tips to grow business online.

The Idea Behind


I know people face challenges in turning ideas into reality; I have met such a challenge. I know what it is to be lost in the middle of nowhere and how frustrating and difficult it can be when getting started, having been there myself, but over time I discovered scalar strategies and tips that work wonder. My vision is to help you discover your hidden resources, build, grow, and turn your biggest ideas and dreams into a reality online.

As a marketing expert, I can help you actualize your dreams and grow your business online. Are you contemplating starting a new business, or an idea pops up in your head, or do you just want to expand your current business – No matter what stage you are currently with your business, I’m here to coach you.
Engage with my content to get a deep insight into blogging and how to make money online aside from your daily job, and if you wish to take your knowledge to the next level, you can participate in my programs. My web development, blogging, SEO, and marketing expertise have impacted many entrepreneurs and business owners.


Segun Alalade

About Segun Alalade

Segun Alalade is a digital entrepreneur, blogger, and investor; he is the CEO of  Autosyst Consulting, a web design and digital marketing company fully committed to generating meaningful growth for business online.

Segun is the author of Scribeage, a blogging and SEO platform where he coaches entrepreneurs and startups on how to start, build, grow and generate income online by selling their products.

He loves to teach, coach, and educate businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups by providing actionable tips, strategies, and techniques needed to get a higher ranking and succeed online.

His vast knowledge in SEO and blogging has helped many high-performing digital entrepreneurs and bloggers build a better brands and generate million of traffic online.

Segun Alalade

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