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We accept guest posts from any interested writer who wishes to contribute to Scribeage and gain visibility. Scribeage focuses on Blogging, Content strategy & marketing, Digital marketing, social media, Productivity, Affiliate marketing, Email marketing, Entrepreneurship, Open-source solutions, Web hosting & resources, and Business. Most of our audience consists of individual bloggers, entrepreneurs, solo-business owners, and others looking for tips, best practices, and guides to kick-start, build, grow, and profit from their businesses online.

What We’re Looking For?

Scribeage is a website that provides actionable and in-depth resources for entrepreneurs and bloggers who wish to grow their blogs and excel in their online businesses. Therefore, we publish content on various topics, which include: #Blogging #Content strategy #Content marketing #Copywriting #CRO #Email marketing #SEO #Sales funnels #Product creation #Social media #Web hosting #Entrepreneurship, and #Business-Start-Up. You are welcome to share your experiences and develop your ideas and topics as long as they align with our blog and the topics mentioned above and serve our audiences’ interests.

The Benefits of writing for us

Writing for Scribeage is a great way to gain exposure and reach thousands of new monthly readers. You will also get an opportunity to sell yourself to all our readers. As a Scribeage guest contributor, you will get a full author bio to promote yourself at the end of your post. You will have one do-follow link to your website and two or more social media handles, while you’re also eligible to be followed by other contributors.

Please Note: We do not pay guest contributors for their articles, except you will sell all rights to your post, and such post is original and not posted elsewhere again. We only pay professional writers who agree to sell the right to their articles on our blog, meaning if we pay you, your name will not appear on the post as the author.

Content Guidelines

Writing for Scribeage isn’t like writing to pass academic exams; your article must be engaging, compelling, and conversational. And must follow our mission of providing in-depth and actionable tips for bloggers and entrepreneurs to start, build, grow, and profit from their blogs. You must allow your professionalism to shine through in your posts.

While you’re writing, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Post Length: We encourage longer posts on Scribeage because longer posts tend to get more page views. Therefore, your post must be at least 1000 words.
  • Simplify It: keep the writing simple and to the point. Keep paragraphs short and break sections up with headers, sub-heading, and bullets, making the article more readable.
  • Formatting: The headers should be well formatted; we only allow two headers: H2 and H3; anything else should be bold. Use H2 headings for your subheadings and use H3 headings for sections within your subheadings. We recommend bolding the text if you need to use any other sub-heading.
  • Grammar: Ensure the accuracy of content with adherence to grammar, punctuation, and correct terminology.
  • Originality: All posts must be 100% original and unpublished. We do not accept plagiarized or AI content. If you must use someone else’s thoughts or ideas, they must be attributed appropriately.
  • Accurate and Factual: As much as we enjoy you sharing your expertise and experience with our audience. Proper research is a perfect way to tell the readers you know your stuff and back up your post with recent research and stats. Stats older than three years may be outdated in this ever-changing digital world. And links to the actual stats, such as surveys and studies, are encouraged.
  • Links: Every content on our website must have internal links (don’t worry, we will handle it). You are entitled to one external do-follow link to your website per post. Any external link different from your do-follow link shall be changed to no-follow.
  • Republishing Of Content: We only permit content to be republished on other platforms or websites 90 days after publishing on Scribeage. You must indicate that you first published such content on Scribeage.
  • Featured Images: Featured Image is required for every post, and the size should be 1200 pixels in width and 628 pixels in height, not more than 80KB. We only allow images created, taken by you, screenshots, or pictures from the website that releases all licenses (e.g., Pixabay) only.
  • In-Post-Images: We recommend screenshots taken by the author and verifiable charts within the posts. Copyrighted images are not allowed, and no external links to images.
  • Promotion and Distribution: We will share the published posts (with proper credits) on different social platforms. The writers should also promote the articles on their social media channels once published.

Remember that you aren’t writing to sell a product or recommend a particular product or service on Scribeage. You’re simply writing to share your depth of experience, expertise, information, insights, and ideas with our readers. 

To contribute to Scribeage, kindly fill out the form below. Bear in mind that we only reply to the successful pitch. You must also understand that a successful pitch doesn’t mean your article will be published.


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